LEED Platinum for CWU Barto Residence Hall

Central Washington University Barto Residence Hall – Image provided by Studio Meng Strazzara

Central Washington University has achieved the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED platinum certification for Barto Residence Hall!  CWU says Barto is one of only four LEED platinum-certified college buildings in the state.

Key mechanical system features were designed by MW to reduce operational costs, improve the living environment for the students, and to visibly demonstrate the University’s commitment to carbon reduction. Highlights include rooftop mounted solar collectors providing hot water to sinks and showers, extensive, visible, metering of mechanical systems for energy and water consumption which allow for the residential wing challenges and competition in conservation. Each living unit has fresh air ducted to the room that is filtered with high efficiency air filters to promote good air quality within the Residence Hall, and unit contains user-controlled thermostats – promoting productivity, comfort and occupant well-being. Water conservation strategies included water conserving plumbing fixtures to provide significant reduction in water usage for the building. While reducing water, this also minimizes the impact on sewage treatment facilities and also reduces hot water demand.

Congratulations to our project team: Studio Meng Strazzara (architect with Niles Bolton Associates), PCS Structural Solutions (structural), MW Consulting Engineers (mechanical), Travis Fitzmaurice and Associates (electrical), AHBL (civil), Thomas Rengstorf Associates (landscape architect), Meng Analysis (cost estimator) and NW Wind & Solar (solar system).

Click the link below to read more at the Daily Journal of Commerce.


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